Fantasy Lake Waterpark

Crossroads is going to Fantasy Lake Water park on August 11th. 

Open for Middle and High School Students. We will leave at 6:30 AM from Christ United on August 11th and Return at 6:30 PM. Admission is 25$ per student. Students will need to bring money for food at the park. Please read our guidelines for dress code and be sure to have a current 2017 waiver on file. 
Enjoy dozens of activities in and out of the water. Massive Slides, Drop Slides, Jump Off Platforms, Water Porch Swings, Free Swim, Pedal Boats and More! 

Pack a towel, sunscreen and money for food at the park!

Dress code for Fantasy Lake will be- 
1. Shorts should be appropriate length. (No shorter than the tip of the index finger when standing straight.)
2. No spaghetti strap tank tops. (All straps should be at least an inch or two fingers width.)
3. No clothing that reveals the stomach, bra or back bellow the place where a back-bra strap would be.
4. No two piece bathing suits.

1. No offensive slogans or profanity on t-shirts or hats.
2. Shirts must be worn at all times, except for swimming
3. Swim Shorts should be appropriate length


Fantasy Lake

5869 Permastone Lake Road
Hope Mills NC 28348